Morning Glories #33 Review

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With another entry in its sophomore season, is there still enough to get people devoted to this spiraling mystery series?  Read on to find out.

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Morning-Glories-33_CI have to say the creative team has certainly upped the ante with some compelling revelations and plot progressions.  Following a structure many genre fans are familiar with, the whole of the franchise incorporates flashbacks to inform the plot.  The result, is a magnifying glass that highlights the struggles of our primary protagonists.  It works in a way that’s sure to get audience attention, as we all become invested from the first dynamic page to the final potent panel.

Nick Spencer is the architect of this tale full of hopeful determination and the haunting feeling of love lost.  We see the scribe focus on two players at the tip of this journey, we explore what they’ve been through since, and before, arriving at the Morning Glories Academy.  There’s a hefty amount of pain and heartbreak but by the end we’re presented with a cliffhanger that fills in an answer.  The scribe resolves a lingering question, but I’m not going to lie the result is more than a bit shocking.  The author impressed me here, as he handily built up the tension by crafting believable connections that paid off with a powerful turn. To sum up: this release is exactly the high caliber work we at UTF have come to expect from this title.

The art by Joe Eisma continues to be an area of assured strength for this engaging romp.   The illustrator handily forms the characters and their world in a way that not only uplifts the text but cements its every blow.  I found his interpretations to be kinetic in nature, as a fluid motion of pencil strokes yielded an absolutely brilliant display.  I did find a couple panels where the faces looked a tad bit off from the rest of the package, but to be honest that minor inconsistency did little to sully an otherwise sterling effort.

Morning Glories #33 is a great comic that comes highly recommended.



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