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The hit mystery soap opera comic Mind the Gap is finally back. I remember when it first launched last year back in May, it was a pretty interesting start. It established Elle as our main character whom is in a coma but is able to travel between bodies when someone else is on the verge of dying. We saw that a character titled ‘Hoodie’ was the one who put her in that coma,  who exactly he is was the big mystery. The other mystery is what she was targeted for the first place. Who hired Hoodie? It was revealed two issues ago that her mom was the mastermind behind it, in one of those last page “Oh. My. Gosh!” moments. In the last issue we saw her spirit go into a 10 year old girl named Katie. Now in this one we see what she does. While not much was accomplished, it was still a pretty tense issue throughout.

Here’s the official description from Image:


New Arc! Great Jumping on point! Join the mystery everyone is talking about!!

As Dane and Jo try to find a way to clear his name, someone else is sitting pretty, unaware that it is merely the calm before the storm for them. And after Elle’s latest “possession,” will Dr Geller and Detective Wallace be able to set aside science and facts to start trusting in the supernatural?

This one starts out with Katie shouting “Get the heck (in more harsher terms) out of here!” Obviously we know she’s not Katie, but the people don’t, except Jo. Later some guy with red hair named Miles seen in the last issue comes, and also…Hoodie? Let’s just say things get interesting. Jim McCann handles the characters well. Like in a really good Spanish soap opera, every character is different. Jo is Elle’s best friend, she’s soft with her, but with everyone else, watch out. Even Elle’s brother get some good page-time. The best (and most intriguing) part is the conversation between Hoodie and Miles. McCann is doing a really good job with Hoodie, the words ‘everyone is a suspect, no one is innocent‘ ring true, this guy could be anyone. (Or he might surprise us and be a completely new character.) Elle’s mom is making for a very good ‘antagonist,’ I like the scene where she tells the doctors to help Elle, easily deceiving everyone. We still don’t know why she wants Elle dead, hopefully we’ll find out sooner than later.

The art is the same always, detailed and glossy. There’s nothing really new to say about it, no standout pages, but remains pretty solid throughout the comic. The two covers are pretty solid. The first one is pretty dramatic, The second is more pretty than gritty, showing Elle’s spirit hovering over Katie, whom is writing while sitting down in the garden, one of my personal favorite covers of the series. (Though Katie looks more like 20 than 10!)

Overall, another solid installment of Mind the Gap. Nothing really changes anything, but it’s still an interesting read. We get some great dialogue from Hoodie, and some of Elle’s friends and family get great page-time. Of course, seven issues in, we don’t know who Hoodie is and why her mom wants her dead. The story has not run stale yet, but I’m not quite sure how much steam it can keep shooting past Issue #10, we’ll see.


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