Mind MGMT #18 Review

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“She seemed like the happiest person I’ve ever met.”

Each and every month I look forward to the next issue of Mind MGMT. And each and every month I stress over what I am going to say about it here, in the review. If you have been reading my reviews, you know I am a super-fan. If you haven’t and/or are new to the series, the good news is, it doesn’t take a super-fan to see the pure genius in this series. Genius that continues to grow and mature over time. Just like the characters in the book. Odd how that works, huh?

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:Mind MGMT 18 Cover

Once one of Mind Management’s youngest and most unusual agents, Ella the Animal Kid had a crisis of conscience and disappeared for years. Now Meru’s found her, but is it to interview Ella for her book or to make her take a side? And either way, can she escape the jungle alive?

New York Times best-selling series!

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So, why am I stressed about the review each month?

Well, aside from finding new ways to say the same thing (that it is the most incredible story I have ever read), it is a constant feeling of, “I’m not worthy”. I know I love the series. I know that Matt brings something new to each issue. And I know that I am missing some of the subtlety. That is the stressful part. Am I smart enough to read and comprehend everything here? Are there hidden messages I am overlooking?

For instance – In this issue, there are a number (46, if I counted right) of descriptive words in larger print on various pages. At first glance these are simple descriptions of the images we see…but what if they are more? What if the first and last letter of each word should be jotted down, resulting in a coded phrases that start and stop when a word is repeated?

Then again, maybe I am over-thinking the entire thing.

But what if?

This kind of invoked personal turmoil is what makes Matt Kindt the master. Whether or not there is some hidden message in the words found within its pages, this issue – like all the others, contains all the elements for one of the best stories ever told. I know, I know, by now you are sick of me telling you how wonderful this series is. But, in reality, it is. Wonderful.

Matt’s art, as always, brings this amazing story to life. And it is not just the art – it is the design, placement and execution of everything on the page. Each issue is a piece of art.

So, should you read it? Absolutely.

Is this a good starting point? Sure. It is a standalone-ish issue nestled quite nicely between the third and fourth book. At the very least it will inspire a smile, and make you rethink your definition of “Happy”.


Oh, and be sure to check out the last page – Matt has managed to create a simple, yet elegant cross-over into some of the other work he is a part of over at Valiant!


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