Mind MGMT #17 Review

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Here’s your all out war.

Up to this point in Mind MGMT, any one thing could have started or finished the ongoing cycle that defined Meru’s life. And while many things have changed for her since Shangri-la, this issue redefines it all – her life, and the world around her. Everything has led to this set of moments.

And what better issue to see all this come to light, than the conclusion of the third arc. Also, if you have been keeping track (as you should), this is just about the half-way mark for the series (as mentioned a number of times, this series will be around 36 issues) – A mid-term exam of sorts (taking from my analogy in last issue’s review), as it certainly tests reading comprehension for the series so far!

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

Mind MGMT 17 CoverMIND MGMT’s third arc comes to its explosive, oversized conclusion, as each of the one-shot stories collide in a suburban neighborhood destabilized by sleeper agent the Home Maker. As Lyme, the Eraser, and Meru each follow their own agenda, a psychic battle royale engulfs the community!

Matt Kindt keeps finding ways to bring more value per page than any other comic on the shelves today. And as luck would have it, this month’s issue falls on the US Holiday of Thanksgiving – boy oh boy, do we have a ton to be thankful for:

  • Extra-Sized Issue (32-Pages)!
  • Fan-Featured (social media contest winner Jay Harlow, becomes a Mind MGMT Agent)!
  • More Complex Hidden Messages in the page gutter (get out your 3D glasses)!
  • A brilliant conclusion to the suburban one-shot stories (take out your notes from the previous 4 issues)!
  • And Meru coming into her own (we haven’t seen anything yet)!

Matt’s art. Matt’s. Art. Are you kidding me? It is AMAZING. Complex. Beautiful. And as I always say, PERFECT for this series. I have been wanting to purchase some original pages from this series for a while now…I think it is time.

This issue proves that every part of the story is related to every other part, in some way, shape, form, line, squiggle, or spot of watercolor. And while it may not always be sequential, the art tells a story that no written word could hope to describe.

In fact, it would not surprise me one bit if someone revealed that when you rip out every page of all the issues, line them up in a specific way, it displays the corresponding question to the answer of life, the universe and everything.

So, for every bit of inspiration that Matt has bestowed upon the world, this issue, once again, gets all the stars I am allowed to give:



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  • Aaron J. Levy

    May well be the best ever (we have to wait until it’s all wrapped up to see.)
    Executed with an extraordinary intelligence and a haunting beauty. Mind Managemnt will not only change how you think about comics, it will change how you think!