Mind MGMT #16 Review

Mind MGMT 16 Review BannerNever meet your heroes…

Well, unless your hero is Matt Kindt, then meet him. In fact, one of the best things about reading comics in this day and age, is the fact that you are quite literally a few keystrokes away from the creators at any given time. Just last week, I had a short interaction with Matt about this very issue via Twitter.

This kind of subject matter immersion makes the entire reading experience more enjoyable.

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

Mind MGMT 16 CoverMatt Kindt’s latest self-contained issue delves into the history of the woman at the center of the Mind Management conspiracy! What was the Eraser’s role at MIND MGMT, and why is she intent on bringing it back?

Matt’s storytelling is second to none.

The fact that he has the majority of this 36-issue (ish) series worked out in his head, blows my mind. There is just so much baked into each issue, each aspect of the story, each…everything. This issue especially.

You know that parallel thread that you always see in the left margin? Well, this time it leaks its way on to the main page in an interesting way. What starts out as the seemingly same old unrelated (but related) chatter, turns into full fledged issue content. The best part? This time, it’s Sci-Fi – as if I needed another reason to love this book!

Matt’s art is perfect for this series.

And again, for this issue specifically, it shines. The layout, the story, the various characters and their interactions with one another, are all part of the overall “art”. You’ll see – it’s the simple things – just the way he portrays gaps in memory is fantastic. It is this level of attention to detail that makes the seemingly simplistic art, some of the most complex illustration I have ever seen.

Between the social media interaction and the raw amount of monthly story content, it is as if Matt is the professor, and we are students in the best damn college lecture of all time. Wouldn’t you be interested in “Mind MGMT 536”, if was offered up in the course catalog? “…To audit, just head to The Second Floor, follow the signs.”

As if there was ever any doubt, the rating for Mind MGMT remains, the highest I can give out –



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  • Aaron J. Levy

    There are a few series, Groo the Wanderer, the Invisibles, 100 Bullets, Y the last man; that are seminal, the greatest comics series of all time; Matt Kindt’s “Mind Management” is on that list, and he is only getting warmed up! Lucky us 🙂