Mind MGMT #15 Review

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How do you make a the best series even better? By stringing a whole bunch of old plot lines together in one issue, essentially uniting everything you know about a set of characters – all at once. This not only blows my mind, but delivers a feeling of complete satisfaction for the investments I have made in this book.

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

What happened to Henry Lyme between MIND MGMT’s first and second stories? Why is the former loner now assembling a team around himself? Who is out to destroy him? All is revealed in this issue!

The above description really says it all. And it delivers – completely. If you have been reading the story from the start, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of information revealed and linked in this single issue. If you are just starting out – you will want to go back and read everything from the beginning. Heck, I believe everyone should go back and read this series from the start, now and again. Remember, this is the book that makes you smarter!

As the description explains, this issue is all about Lyme. Some ideas we had about what happened are confirmed. While things we were oblivious to, leave us in awe. All the while everything about the story remains 100% in sync. Oh, and I know I don’t mention them much, but “The Second Floor”, “Mind Memo”, and “Field Guide” snippets continue to enrich the ongoing story – this issue’s especially.

This series is amazing. And, it is simple – Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT offers so much more than any comic available today. It has depth, strength of character, and solid continuity – in both heART and soul.

Speaking of art, the cover was inspired by “Popular Mechanics” magazine, as mentioned here by Matt via Twitter. Another winning cover, to go with the undeniably great interiors.

When it comes to reviewing and rating Mind MGMT, I really need more stars at my disposal.

I would easily give this issue a 6 / 5 stars if the rating system allowed – If not solely for the fact that it brilliantly bridged the gaps between so many different past issues – but more than that – it answered countless questions, checked so many boxes, and inspired so much awe. En lieu of a different system, we will all have to settle with a –


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