Mind MGMT #12 Review

The future is now!

Answers to questions you didn’t even know you asked arrive in this, the final chapter, of the second book, of Mind MGMT. In fact, with so much going on, you may actually want to step back and read “The Futurist” arc from the beginning – actually, I insist – it will be a worthwhile venture.

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

“The Futurist” concludes, as Lyme faces the Immortals in a battle royale at Shangri-la! Meru discovers the secrets of the Monks—and her own! The origin of the Hulk reaches its explosive finale! Plus more, in the comic that gives you your money’s worth!

What if you had access to every bit of information from all the world’s events? Where would you look first? Would you even want to try to find something specific? Not without “your training” you wouldn’t. This is just one of the many trials Meru faces within the pages of this issue. But she is not the only one with problems – no – remember last issue? Yeah. Cliffhanger. Our motley crew of adventurers are still being hunted by immortals!

I am not going to spoil any of the surprises packed within this issue. I will say that within these 26 pages (including the front cover) it is as if you have an abridged and arc specific version of the Shangri-la library at your fingertips!

Not much more I can say about the art that I haven’t already reiterated in the past. Matt is obviously still handling both writing and all art duties. I happen to love the style and believe it fits the book perfectly. Oh, be sure to look “beyond the art”. Look in the page gutters. Don’t miss out on all the “extras” Matt includes every month. Besides, in the end, everything matters.

Once again, Matt has gone above and beyond for the reader. So, once again, he receives yet another perfect review score. This is what books should be like. This should be the bar. His “one man band” approach to this book really makes a huge difference in continuity, experience, and an overall feeling of “staying true to the underlying message”, that is too often missing from most mainstream books.


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