Mind MGMT #11 Review

The comic that uses your mind!

Maybe they use some kind of super-secret special ink that steals brainwaves!?! I actually feel different during and after reading this book. From issue to issue, I either feel completely humbled or strangely smarter for reading the contents – all the contents – every last piece of hidden information, sidebar story, “fake” advertisements, etc.

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

Once, Mind Management’s agents were trained in its remote headquarters, Shangri-la. Now, with MIND MGMT shut down—at least officially—its location has been erased from every former agent’s memories. So how do you find a secret base? With a secret map.

The long anticipated arrival to Shangri-la is finally here. Our fateful band of “heroes” arrive in the one place on the planet that doesn’t want to be found. And what do they find when they get there? A fate which was decided for them before they even stepped foot near this sacred place.

Unfortunately, that really isn’t want this issue is all about. Matt Kindt once again keeps us on our toes – or at least at the edge of our seats! Sure, the arrival to Shangri-la is the main part of the ongoing story – but quite honestly, this issue is more about history than it is about present events. And while we get more fantastic back-story on Duncan, the real kicker (and this one kicks you right in the pants) is the significant reveal in the post-story story, “Mind MGMT Case File: The Hulk”. It leaves you with one of those, “everything means something” feelings.

All this, just when I thought I had the mystery of Meru figured out.

The art – Again, I think it is perfect that Matt handles both the writing and the art. I know it is a lot of work, but it is well worth it from my (a fan) perspective. It means high quality, albeit quirky, consistency from issue to issue. I will go as far to say that at this point, no other art would fit this book.

Six words to describe this comic:

Highly Engaging, Limitless Possibilities, Must Embrace”

What are yours?


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