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Michael Turner’s Soulfire (vol.4) #3 Review

Soulfire 3_C
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The latest issue from the newest volume of this fantasy epic is here, but is it worthy of your hard-earned cash?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Michael Turner’s epic fantasy adventure surges forward into a new era!

Possessed by the chaotic spirit of Oris, Grace seems all but unstoppable as her reign of terror storms across the globe. Cities are being destroyed. People are dying. In the Everlands, one of Malikai’s closest friends is facing death from Grace’s violence. Can the combined power of magic and technology save them? And if so, will the result be a miracle…or an abomination?

You have to really hate it when you’re taken over by a chaotic entity that seems all but unstoppable in a world populated by magic and technology, but that’s exactly what’s happened to Grace and now our protagonists have to deal with the fallout.  What we have here is another excellent release in this outstanding series that’s sure to please longtime fans with the drama on display and the core character development that’s bubbling to the surface.

Series writer J.T. Krul absolutely runs with the base premise of this story arc as our heroes each come to blows against the now-possessed Grace. There are sacrifices and hardships brought on by an onslaught of magic but through it all the author never loses focus on the core human elements that drive this tale.  As the heart of this script is a design sense that absolutely revels in small bits of dialogue that say enough but don’t delve too deeply in an effort to keep a solid and quick pace.  The end result is a very good comic book that’s only crime is that it wasn’t a few pages longer.

Mike DeBalfo handles the bulk of the art duties on this book and the talent absolutely delivers on the complexities of the narrative and the inherent world it inhabits.  There are some minor moments where some of the pencil work lacks the right level of detail which gives way to some slightly awkward panels but for the most part this is exactly the level of skill this title requires.  From the dragon comprised entirely of fire to the aerial battles that ensue over a burning city this is literally a visceral visual experience that’s well worth your time.

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Michael Turner’s Soulfire (vol.4) #3 is an emotionally charged but fast paced read that will leave fans glued to their seats as they frantically flip to the finish. Recommended.


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