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Meet DEADPOOL’s Future Wife Shiklah

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Deadpool wife 590x197 Meet DEADPOOLs Future Wife ShiklahDeadpool is about to get hitched!  But who is the lucky bride?  Shiklah, of course!  Wait, who?  Shiklah, the Queen of the Undead!

Shiklah made her first appearance in Deadpool: The Gauntlet #4 Infinite Comic, written by Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn with art by Reilly Brown, out now.  Here is what we know:

deadpool the gauntlet 4 cover 590x442 Meet DEADPOOLs Future Wife Shiklah

She is a really freakin’ old succubus.  You know what a succubus is right?  A succubus is a monster that seduces men and drains them of their power through sexual activities.  But Shiklah is not just a normal monster- she is “monster royalty.”  That is why Deadpool’s boss, Dracula, plans to marry her.  He wants to unite the “monster underworld and receive her family’s fortune and lands.” You can imagine that fang face is not going to be too pleased when the Merc with a chewed bubble gum head, Deadpool, steals his bride.

deadpool the gauntlet 4 preview 2 590x381 Meet DEADPOOLs Future Wife Shiklah

How did the two lovebirds meet?- when Shiklah fell out of her casket, duhhh.  You see, Deadpool was supposed to be delivering her casket to Drac, but hijinks ensued and, boom, their wild romance begins.

Talk about weird a love triangle- Deadpool, a beautiful Middle Eastern looking Dead Queen and the king of the vampires himself.  Holy heck, and I thought normal relationships were tough.

deadpool the gauntlet 4 preview 3 590x438 Meet DEADPOOLs Future Wife ShiklahI can’t stop staring at her goblin.  What a wonderful goblin!

shiklah hires 9c7e6 334x700 Meet DEADPOOLs Future Wife Shiklah

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  • Mrteapot

    Aww wanted him and domino

  • Eric

    dracula? i guess we’ll be seeing blade as well then

  • thefinalword

    Wait, was there proof somewhere Deadpool was going to marry Shiklah? All he did was kidnap a bride. How often does Deadpool kidnap people anyway?

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