MASKS #8 Review


MASKS concludes. Does it go out with a quality finisher bringing this pulp epic to a satisfying close? With plenty of great dialogue and solid action, there’s not much to dislike.

Here’s the official description from Dynamite:

Our heroes have finally come face to face with the power behind the Justice Party, and the identity of the mysterious master has been revealed. But now that they’ve learned the full extent of the Justice Party’s plans, is it too late to stop them? And who will be left to serve true justice when the law itself is unjust? 

MASKS is one of the most unique crossovers out there. Chances are if you’re reading this review you’ve been following along. What’s interesting is that some of these characters just aren’t that well known. Even a hardcore comic reader might not know who Green Llama is, so the book has had to rely on its storytelling first and foremost over milking any characters. The last issue had the heroes about to confront the main villain, O’Brien. This issue brings everything front and center. It brings up the classic debate of the ‘greater good,’ and even makes the reader question a certain black-hatted hero’s antics.

Chris Roberson starts out this issue nicely with a flashback of O’Brien. It turns out this guy was once a vigilante named the Clock. Once he saw that trying his brand of justice was getting overrun by corruption, he decided to make his party and reshape the system. I’m really happy a backstory was given to this guy. My favorite line is spoken right after this scene, by the Shadow. He comments how at least the villains are honest in their villainy while O’Brien claims to serve ‘justice.’ The action following is pretty solid, but it’s the dialogue that wins. The Shadow’s way of bringing vengeance to criminals is brought into question, Like  I said, the issue is packed with great dialogue. Sadly the resolution didn’t feel complete as it should have, it feels like we should be getting a sequel.

Dennis Calero’s art is by far the most unique we’ve seen yet. The action comes alive in new ways, really good stuff. The main cover by Alex Ross is absolutely stunning, one of the best yet. There are some solid variants to pick up, but ultimately nothing beats Ross’s piece.

Overall, MASKS ends on a high note. The dialogue is fantastic, each character gets to have a word in pertaining to their diverse personalities. The Clock was a solid antagonist and in the end, it leaves you wanting more. If you didn’t check it out, be sure to look it up, MASKS is one of the best crossovers out there.


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  • Micheal Lockwood

    I’m all for a sequel. I, for one, would love to see Francavilla doing some interiors instead of just covers for Dynamite.