Marvel EIC Kinda Lies, Says Movies Won’t Dictate Comics

I may have been too hard on Marvel Comics in recent weeks, but it’s only because I love them (and hate them). It’s a weird relationship.

Really awesome dude, but he’s fibbing a bit in this quote

But this most recent news coming from EIC Axel Alonso is one of the reasons why I have to shake my head at the Big 2 from time to time. In an interview with CBR, the chieftain of the House of Ideas claimed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t dictate story lines in the comic book world. Here’s a snippet of the discussion:

CBR: “To what extent do you use movies as a sounding board for what will work with a character? If the Doctor Strange movie comes out and Strange is a teenager with heavy eyeliner and a lot of tattoos, and it makes money, will you think ‘oh, THAT’S how we write Strange’?”

Axel Alonso: That is definitely not how we do it, Chariset. If Marvel NOW! proved one thing, it’s that we put premium stock in our writers. “Avengers” reflects the vision of Jonathan Hickman, not Marvel Studios. And the same is true down the line.

Uhhh…. what? So was the giant push for an AVENGERS event book in the form of AvX just a coincidence? How about Agent Coulson’s inclusion in the 616 universe? And why exactly did Iron Man join the Guardians of the Galaxy, if not to help promote the upcoming GOTG flick?

I understand what Alonso means to say, that the MCU isn’t a menacing puppet master hovering over the domain of comics, but he has to admit, the movies dictate the books to some extent.


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