Manifest Destiny #4 Review

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How will the tale of Lewis and Clark change next? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Surrounded by buffalotaur and fighting for survival, what Lewis and Clark need most is a monster killer. And her name is Sacagawea.

Manifest Destiny #4So far Manifest Destiny has been an amazing series, taking the well known take of Lewis and Clark and spicing it up a bit. This issue however wasn’t quite as intense and exciting as the first few, as despite still being very good, and doing a terrific job of the overall development, it was lacking slightly compared to the other issues.

Chris Dingess once again twists the tale of Lewis and Clark’s expedition, continuing to give the supernatural feel that has made this series so exciting. Dingess does however take the excitement down a notch, as despite having some near the end of the issue he mostly focused on the development, introducing Sacagawea also giving some powerful dialogue throughout the issue. Dingess also shows the variable characteristics perfectly, showing that some are naturally scared, whilst others have a strong enough will to battle through, all of which adds more drama and realism to the series.

Matthew Roberts also once again does a terrific job of the art in this issue, with it being simply magnificent. Robert’s preview art was what enticed me into reading this comic in the first place, and it has never disappointed yet. The brilliant detail along with the smooth and dynamic layouts give a lot of depth to the series, also helping with the overall pace. Robert’s also does a fantastic job with the characters facial features, giving a lot of intensity and realism, with the emotions helping to add even more impact. On top of this Roberts scenery and action sequences also impress, giving more vibrancy and suspense to this marvellous tale.

Manifest Destiny continues to impress, as despite moving down a gear it still manages to intrigue and excite. Highly recommended.



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