Major SPIDER-MAN Rumors- Who Will Be Spidey Come April?

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Some exciting rumors have infiltrated the web!  And by web, I mean both the internet and Spidey’s web.  Get it, hahahahahahaha.  I’m sure that lame joke has been made a million times, but I haven’t seen it before so it doesn’t count as plagiarism.

Anyhoo, I have great news for both Peter Parker fans and Superior Spidey fans.  It is only a rumor, but it seems very probable.  Peter may return in a re-launched Amazing Spider-Man series while Doc Ock may somehow continue staring as Spidey in his Superior Spider-Man title. 

I recently reported that Superior Spidey may be cancelled leading to a new Spidey title being launched in April, by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos.


While this could still be true, the newest rumor has a Superior Spidey title and Amazing Spidey title running at the same time.  There are two versions of this scenario.  In the first, Peter David would take over Superior and it would be released once a month while Dan Slott would write Amazing twice a month.  The second scenario would have Slott and Matt Fraction each take a title. (Salvador LaRocca would be the artist on the Fraction book.)  The bottom line is there would be two Spidey titles starring two different Spider-Men.


But wait, couldn’t Amazing Spidey star be Miles Morales?  Sure, but it’s not likely.  The Amazing Spidey 2 flick drops soon, so Marvel is going to want to have Peter staring in his own title again.  Plus, I am in denial that Miles is losing his Ultimate title; I refuse to believe they are bringing him to the 616.  That would mean Miles has the potential to be lost in the shuffle and I do not want him to leave his supporting cast behind.  So I say it is Peter’s return.  But Marvel will continue to publish a Superior Spidey title because it has been such a huge success.

So there ya go.  I see this happening.  I miss my neurotic Petey-poo, so I will be happy to see him return.  And this way Superior Spidey fans can get their Spock fix too.


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  • Marcell Hines

    well according to some of the pictures Brian Michael Bendis has put on his Tumblr, Miles may indeed in up in 616