Madame Frankenstein #6 Review

When tampering with the living and dead, you must realize that there is more than one fate that you may endure. Also, if you lucky enough you may live long enough to see your mistakes and you ideals changes. I know, I know, this is a lot but there is enough of this in the latest issue of Madame Frankenstein. Read on to find out more.

Tensions build to a boil. Henry confronts Vincent about his messing around with dead bodies and Vincent’s new girlfriend comes snooping in the lab. Violence erupts when the mad doctor’s creation meets her replacement!

Madame Frankenstein 6_Preview PageWhile this issue is fantastic, it is something that real makes you think. Madame Frankenstein starts off with a blast, with Henry confronting Vincent. It is something that is quick but really makes you understand where Henry is coming from and honestly he has great points. Also, we see that maybe Vincent didn’t make the right decision. It is a real conscious moment for Vincent. Also, there is the problem of Vincent’s new girlfriend. She is someone that Vincent really could have a good life with but then you have the Monster, who does deserve the love that she was promised.

Jamie S. Rich is a great writer and really shines with this issue. You face a lot of moral questions that are brought to the surface. It is really fantastic. It, also, gives Vincent a conscious, which is something that we haven’t really seen but now we do get a chance to see that part of the character and now we do.

Megan Levens is a really great artist and gives us the emotional looks and feel for this issue. I really do think that she is someone to look out for because of her ability. Each panel is packed with great stuff and you will see that in this issue.

Madame Frankenstein #6 really pulls the heart strings of this comic.

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