Madame Frankenstein #3 Review

What is occurring on this new take of the Frankenstein mythos? Read on to find out about this female counterpart of that is Madame Frankenstein.

The secret history of the mad scientist and his monster is revealed. Find out what Courtney did to inspire Vincent to steal her dead body and give her new life. Also, we uncover the childhood transgressions that have made Henry so determined to expose his former friend.

Madame Frankenstein has been a very interesting series because of the take on the story of Frankenstein, with a wonderful MadameFrankenstein_03-1love/revenge/hate story. Yes, I just did three slash. This issue is a great one for the story because there is tons of exposition and reveals that weave so nicely. This issue contains history between the creator and monster that really makes for some wonderful moments between these two characters because there is a history between them, which is a nice change of pace because in the original mythos there really isn’t that connection. This is what is nice because there are some moments of what is going to occur and why that is revealed. The other part of this is the fact that we have Henry who is, kind of, the villain and there is some great character development of why he is against the doctor. It is very interesting.

The writing is just wonderful because it deals with this mythos but adding a spin on it that both works and changes the game of horror writing. This issue does kind throw a lot at you, which is hard to get a grasp on but it is still very good.

The comic art is just a fantastic. This new artist is wonderful and she really steps it up in to comic world

Madame Frankenstein proves more and more that it can do amazing things.

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