Love Knitting? Love Comics? Check this out…

There’s been this weirdly appropriate mixture of mediums in the world of Fanboy-dom in recent years between knitting and comics.

At one time in our lives, knitters were the most despised people in the world. Mostly comprised of grandmothers and other matronly figures, they would force us to adorn ourselves in ridiculously embarrassing attire that their hands had diabolically fashioned. But somewhere along the line, as we’ve grown into the glorious Man-Children we are today, we’ve started to miss those wooly fabrics with their endearing, home-made feel. And what better way to remind of us of our innocent youth than by returning to these knitted garments of old and decorating them with our most cherished childhood stories.

We’ve seen our fair share of awesome knitted goods on UTF, but this latest find really stirred up a bit of sentimentality. Come on…it’s not everyday that you find a fully knitted recreation of Fantastic Four #51.



Here are some more knitted bits of nostalgia, all of which are available for purchase at Etsy: