Lord Of The Jungle #7 Review

Following a slightly dreary last issue, Lord Of The Jungle #7 seems to pick up the pace, as well as exploring more of Tarzan’s exploits in society.

First, the official description from Dynamite:

Tarzan has lost Jane Porter, his true love, to his rival John Clayton. All he wants is to slink back to his jungle home in Africa. Before he can do that, however, he’ll have to deal with the menace of Robert Canler, a notorious gangster whom Tarzan ran afoul of. Tarzan didn’t kill Canler when he had the chance, a fact which he’ll come to regret. And he’ll have to face Canler on his own turf – not in the African jungle, but on the mean streets of Baltimore, where none of Tarzan’s jungle instincts will help him. Or will they?

This issue has a reduced focus on Lady Jane, which is good considering the previous issue focused heavily. With the love triangle (or is square? most the men in this series seem to be after the same woman) established, Lord Of The Jungle #7 shows Tarzan living in society by himself. Of course, he wants to return to the jungle, but he needs money for this.

As always, things don’t go to plan. Needless to say, there is at least one fight involving Tarzan. My only compliant here is that he always wins with fists, yet the title doesn’t explain how or why. Even when surrounded by men armed with guns, he wins without a scratch. He only has two fists, surely someone might have fired a bullet? The title merely assumes hes ‘from the jungle’ or ‘he’s Tarzan’ and can easily accomplish this. It might be better if the title took some time to show this; a few quick panels doesn’t do this justice. This is a shame really, because the title does its best to show its conflicts between the ‘civilized’ world and Tarzan’s primitive nature; these fight sequences seem like a missed opportunity.

As for the plot itself, this issue is less than subtle. It quickly reintroduces Canler, giving the villain another reason to be after Tarzan. Its a big world, yet Lord Of The Jungle seems to juggle between a small handful of the same characters. Whether this works or not is yet to be seen.

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