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LOCKE AND KEY Movie Trilogy Might Happen

Locke and Key is a popular, award nominated comic series with a twisted history of adaptation. Through a long and winding road it seems that the Locke and Key universe might finally materialize as a trilogy of films.

After the success of the comics, it was planned to be adapted to a movie made by Dimension Films produced by John Davis, before the rights were bought out by Dreamworks. However, in 2010 Steven Spielberg joined the team and the project became a TV series instead. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. After a very solid pilot directed by Mark Romanek, Fox announced that the pilot wouldn’t be picked up. Fans were left hoping ABC would pick it up after the success of The Walking Dead adaptation. Check out the trailer for the pilot below:

As sad as I am that that great looking show wasn’t picked up (and slightly glad it wasn’t made by Fox), it seems we might be seeing  Locke and Key grace the silver screen. According to Latino Review  (in the same post as the Del Toro DC Team Up news and the already debunked Bendis’ Powers rumor) we will be getting not one film, but a trilogy telling the three act story of Locke and Key.

It will still be produced by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the team that brought you Fringe and the producers behind the pilot, so expect the films to have a similar tone and retain it’s adherence to the source material. In an interview with Orci about the pilot he stressed that he is a big fan of the comics and is eager to stay faithful to that so fear not on that front.

Source: Latino Review


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