Li’l Sonja One Shot Review

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How can you make a cute version of a she devil? Read on to find out.

Official Description:

“Li’l Sonja is a warrior girl who travels the lands testing her mettle against monsters big and small, a younger pluckier version of the famous She-Devil With a Sword. When Li’l Sonja encounters a town plagued by eccentric bandits, she needs to figure out the pattern behind the thefts and bring the baddies to justice. No task is too tough for our crimson-haired hero. And if that isn’t enough, each Li’l book comes with a two-page activity sheet!”

Now, I think that Li’l Sonja is a very cool and fun take on the character that we all know is not cool and fun. She is a badass with some awesome stories. However, when I looked into this and started to read it, I have to download (6)say that this is a fun version and very cute. I mean, honestly, I think that this is adorable. Now, I am sure that you don’t want to know how cute it is but how the issue is. The issue is fun and the it is worth the one shot buy The story deals with a story that is very simple. She sees people in trouble and stops them, something that anyone can get behind. Now, she may be cute but she is still pretty badass, just keeping it toned down for this particular issue. It’s a cool take on the character and shows a different take on the character. I thought it was pretty cool.

The writing is simplistic and funny, which is good for this kind of comic. This isn’t going for great story depth or anything just a fun comic and it achieves that. This is where it works.

The art works too. The style works for this comic and the story. I think that it makes her look cute. It reminds me of the “Adventure Time” comic, which is made for kids and that is what is fun.



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