Li’l Depressed Boy: Supposed to Be There Too #2 Review

The saddest boy in the world is back this week with a new issue, however, with the events of the last issue, will he finally become the guy that he wants to be? Or will he let the world push him over? Read on to find out more.

As his friend’s life opens up into new opportunities, LDB must stand up for himself at his own job.

LilDepressedBoyV2_02_Page1LDB is always an interesting comic to revisit, because the concept is, bother, interesting and really real. It isn’t just another superhero comic but a comic that takes an extreme, such as, the LDB and bring him into real situations. I just really think that is an interesting concept. This issue picks up with LDB and Spike hanging out with Drew. They are talking about the books that they are reading, which they do their research on and they read quite a bit. We learn that Drew has been given an opportunity with his act. It is bitter sweet for Drew and LDB because they are good friends and they are leaving each other. Then he gives Spike a kiss goodnight, which is really sweet. After that, we see LDB go to his work and stand up for himself. I won’t tell you how it ends but you should definitely read it for the ending. It’s nice.

S. Steven Struble shows that he understands the reality of the world. LDB is really an everyday kind of comic. He brings an extreme to an everyday situation, which allows us to root for the character even more when good things happen. It is a balance that Struble does awesomely.

Sina Grace has a very unique style of comic book art. She makes scenes, that would normally be boring, pop off the page and makes us look at the situation presented with a different light and understanding.

LDB is a great look into what is important by using extremes.

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