Legend Of Luther Strode #6 Review

The final issue in this six-part series of the Legend of Luther Strode and it is a bittersweet ending. This issue packs a punch and goes all out, I just wish it wasn’t the last one.

Official description from IMAGE:

Jack is loose in the world, and Luther isn’t strong enough to stop him. But Petra might be.

Writer Justin Jordan goes for broke in issue #6 and there will be blood! This mini-series has been full of action at break neck speed and it goes out on a high note. Luther and Petra are after Jack who is on the loose and looking to kill. When they arrive at Jack’s killing ground it’s more violent and bloody than anyone could have imagined. Even through all the violence and death Petra still has an impossibly optimistic approach to the situation that Luther has to bring it back to reality and in a hurry. Jack is death incarnate and Luther and Petra have the fight of their life on their hands. These two also make one hell of a team and the outcome of who ultimately strikes the final blow is both surprising and brilliant.

Tradd Moore’s art is a thing of beauty and grace. While I have pointed out the cartoonish style of his art, it’s also a perfect fit for fluid action and excitement. The exaggerations of form can be over the top but it also conveys stunning action. He also pulls no punches with the gore before your eyes but it’s so striking that you can only marvel in the horror. The cover alone is the best of the series as well as for comics this week.

I’m a huge fan of Jordan’s work and his let loose approach to the Legend of Luther Strode makes it so much fun in action, dialogue and character. Petra really deserves a spin-off book due to Jordan’s portrayal her and makes her one the most likable female action heroes around. It’s inevitable that Luther will win in the end but he faces the dire consequences of collateral damage with honesty and pain alike. I will miss this series and hope both Jordan and Moore will bring us more Luther Strode in the future. Comics are better off because of series like this.


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  • Micheal Lockwood

    No hope needed. Legacy Of Luther Strode comes out Fall 2014