Krampus #3 Review

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What will happen when Krampus finds Jack Frost? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Hunting through the desert for an unmarked grave, the Krampus is stalked by a notorious historical figure, reborn into the world of Sugar Plum Fairies and flying reindeer.

krampus #3The last issue of Krampus was simply magical, being very fun and entertaining. In this issue the Krampus continues to be all that and more, with the interaction between Krampus and Jack Frost also adding a lot to the story’s development.

Brian Joines has produced yet another energetic issue, with the opening sequence embodying that perfectly. Joines also continues to do an amazing job with the story’s development, allowing the fun concept to add a lot of depth to the story. The dialogue also adds to the lively feel of the issue, with the Krampus’ choice of words being at times comical and at others intense. Despite all the fun there is however a serious nature to this issue, with the friction between the Secret Society of Santa Clauses, and the addition of Doc Holiday proving that Joines has a plan for the story’s future.

Dean Kotz‘ artwork is also once again outstanding, yet again suiting the Krampus character perfectly. Kotz also managed to add a very dynamic and impactful tone to the issue through his fabulous layouts, with them also helping the issue flow smoothly. The thing that I enjoy the most about Kotz’ art is the realism that he adds to the issue, with both the marvellous scenery and intense facial expressions adding also adding more tone as well. Ron Riley also did a fantastic job of the colours in this issue, adding a lot of vibrancy to Kotz’ art.

Krampus continues to be a very enjoyable series, and the development in this issue has me intrigued as to what will happen next. Highly recommended.



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