Krampus #2 Review

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How will a fight between a Krampus and a Nutcracker fair? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

From the alleys of Italy to the mountains of Nepal, the Krampus’s globetrotting quest continues! When a clue leads him deep inside the Himalayas, the Krampus finds himself facing a legendary foe. Plus, fallout from Father Christmas’s decision sparks dissension at the North Pole. The stage is set for the Santa Coup!

krampus #2A story with a Christmas theme is bound to be fun. But when you add a character like the Krampus you know that it’s bound to have more to it than just that and this issue proved that.

Brian Joines takes this creature intended to scare children and makes something quite comical out of it. Joines opens this particular issue with a very fun and exciting battle between Krampus and a Nutcracker, but following that the story starts to slow down. The author shows a lot of promise for the future of this series, utilizing all these well known characters brilliantly, and it’s just unfortunate that the pacing of this issue was a bit inconsistent.

Dean Kotz did a fabulous job of the art, with his rough style suiting the characters perfectly. Beyond that Kotz manages to give a lot of impact and depth through his amazing layouts. He shows the drama and tension from Joines script through the characters facial expressions. On top of that Kotz also gave a lot of explosiveness through the action sequences, while managing to show the fun side at the same time.

This issue had some exciting moments, as well as showing an interesting future for the series. It was however a slight let down due to it’s inconsistent pacing. In spite of that I do still recommend this issue as it was an overall enjoyable read.



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