Justice League #15 Review

An epic arc that will supposedly re-define the Justice League kicks off here, but does it even begin to do that?  Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

• Part 1 of “THRONE OF ATLANTIS,” crossing over with AQUAMAN!

• Don’t miss the debut of IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO (AQUAMAN) as the new JUSTICE LEAGUE art team!

• Can the Justice League band together to battle the forces of Atlantis?

• And in the backup feature, Shazam comes face to face with Black Adam, and Billy makes a decision that will shock his friends!

When it comes to the DC universe and its most recent reboot there’s certainly some mixed feelings. But chances are that when you began to dip your toes in these waters this title was the one you bought first. And in its latest release the flagship title of the New 52 lives up to its role, as it takes the world to war.

First and foremost what makes all the cogs in the proverbial machine work is the script by series scribe, Geoff Johns.  Whether he’s focusing in on a single character or multiple ones he somehow finds a way to give them just enough time to standout in this outlandish but compelling affair.  The problems around the globe continue to mount as the epic stakes facing this team yields some fascinating moments when war literally rises from the ocean depths below.

The art done by Ivan Reis is outstanding.  He lavishly details this world with subtle but competent pencil strokes that yield  just enough visual spice to make this one satisfying experience.  Whether he’s drawing Superman on a date or a team-up in Gotham he finds a way to make each moment and every panel therein work well enough to give each line of dialogue some necessary weight.

The back-up feature written by the series writer with pencils by Gary Frank continues to impress.  It may not be the main event here but it’s certainly worth your time and money as it continues to bring magic back to these superhero proceedings.

Justice League #15 is an exceptional release that continues to prove this title’s worth in the New 52.  Highly recommended.



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  • jj

    I enjoyed reading Justice League #15 & Aquaman #15. I can’t wait for next month issues.