Journey Into Mystery #649 Review

Previously in Journey Into Mystery:

  • Sif was transported to an island inhabited by monsters out of Godzilla and more Berzerkers
  • After asserting her dominance as Alpha Berzerker, they were mysteriously transported to New York, along with all the monsters
  • Oh Yea, and Spider-Man showed up

We have giant monsters running around the Earth, 4 bloodthirsty Berzerkers, and Spider-Man. What could possibly go wrong?…

Here is the summary from Marvel:

Guest starring the Superior Spider-Man + a collection of superstars from the MU firmament!Ancient Viking Monsters? Eerily Familiar Freaks? Whatever they are, they’re invading Midgard!Sif and her three hench-Berzerkers slither back to Earth in time to help put down this new assault. But can the berserkers keep their bloodlust in check…?

Sif and her minions (yes I’m calling them that) have been mysteriously transported to New York, where giant six-legged spider creatures have run amok (so a normal Tuesday in NY). Spider-Ock shows up and does his usual “I’m a douche now” form of banter and teams up with our beautiful Berzerker to take down these creatures; he even goes as far as hitting on Sif  (oh Ock you creepy old man). They soon find out however that monster have appeared in more than just New York and go back to Broxton to see what has happened, but when they approach the gates; Sif does something that she may never be able to take back.

Kathryn Immonen continues to delve into the changes the Berzerker spell has done to Sif; becoming more and more aggressive each issue, but her caring personality shines through every once in a while. Her minions are your typical muscle bound bufoons, but they are alot of fun as they have to swallow being led by a woman who could kick their ass. Immonen handles Spider-Ock pretty well, showcasing his non-challant attitude at saving people, how dickish he can be, & his shameless womanizing.

Valerio Schiti’s art is still amazing to behold, his and Jordie Bellaire’s colors give the book and amazing, colorful appeal to it. The action scenes are fast & furious, showing just how aggressive (sexy) & graceful Sif is with a sword. Each monster is detailed very well and look like they came right out of a monster movie.

Journey Into Mystery continues to be a fun ride full of action & humor, with some drama sprinkled in for good measure.

Reviewer’s note: A couple cameos in this issue too: including Monica Rambeau (former Captain Marvel) & Hellcat (yeah I thought she was dead too)


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