Journey In Mystery #647 Review

Sif has gone BERZERK, with the berserker spell raging inside her, will the mighty Asgardian be able to keep her new found lust for battle in check? Or will she be consumed by its power?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

ASGARDIANS GONE WILD! • Newly minted with an ancient version of the Berzerker spell, Sif returns to an unsuspecting Midgard…and with no patience for relative peace, she starts putting out fires with gasoline..! • When the All-Seeing Heimdall pulls big brother rank…will Sif find herself in the ultimate time-out?!

Looking for a way to restore Asgard to it’s former glory, Lady Sif has become enchanted by the ancient Berzerker spell,  the effects causing her lust for battle and violence to grow.   This puts her in direct conflict with the other Gods of Asgard, including her brother, the All-Seeing guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, Heimdall. More character development for Sif and more insight as to why she chose to do what she did to herself is given, and what results is a great second act to the storyline.

Kathryn Immonen provides another well-written script as the story enters it’s second act. Sif now has a lust for battle and an attitude to match, but instead of her coming off as unlikeable, you can feel for her position, and it helps develop her character more. Showing that she loves her home and will do anything to keep it strong, even if it means losing herself in the process. She is a very driven woman and dedicated woman with a bit of a hot streak which becomes her detriment as the story progresses. She is a relatable character which Immonen explores in the story.

Valerio Schiti’s pencils still do good work, detailing the various locations in both Asgard & Midgard. Drawing a few ass kicking moments for Sif which are fun to look at, but also giving excellent detail do some of the darker aspects of her recent change and what it does to the people around her. Jordie Bellaire’s colors also pop off the page, giving even more depth to the story. With bright & dark hues of the colors catching the eye when needed.

Journey Into Mystery is one of the surprise hits of the NOW! reboot, and is a great title that deserves a read.


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