Jonathan Hickman’s Manhattan Projects Sells Out!

Perhaps best known for his recent work on Fantastic Four and The Ultimates, Jonathan Hickman is another insanely great indie writer to strike gold at Marvel. That doesn’t mean he’s been ditching his old stomping grounds, though. In fact, he’s just released a brand new book for Image titled The Manhattan Projects… and it seems like a horde of Marvel’s fanboys have jumped on the indie bandwagon, because the comic has officially sold out. Yea… that’s right, if you’ve managed to get your hands on a copy from the first run, consider yourself one of the chosen few!

But don’t start storming the gates of Image yet, the publishing house has guaranteed a new round of #1’s which will be released on the same day as the second issue. Here’s more about the book from the press release…

In THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, he creates an alternate history in which the the U.S. government’s development of an atomic bomb is a front for bringing together the world’s brightest minds for something even more dangerous. The Second World War rages underground in ways the public can never imagine, and the men of The Manhattan Projects are the United States’ last and best defense against the supernatural forces of the Axis powers.