Jericho: Season 4 #4 Review

Can this saga give a a short lived show a chance to amount to something that’s truly worthy?  Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

Jake continues to be weary of John Smith’s motives and gets hold of Smith’s prized possession “the precipice.” Jake will use this tool to uncover some new secrets about Smith’s story and unravel his deeper ambitions. Meanwhile, imprisoned Hawkins ultimate plan to get the A.S.A leadership more invested in Jericho backfires as Adam Palmer, the A.S.A. Mole, becomes Beck’s newly minted right-hand man.

When I initially heard of Jericho I thought the concept sounded interesting but I never got into the property until long after its time on TV came to an end.  So when the opportunity came to cover this extension for UTF, you better believe I took it and it’s been one of the glowing perks of my time here.

Kalinda Vazquez once again proves her grasp of the title characters, as a text heavy outing flows like an episode of the series.  So much of the narrative feels like a believable continuation that there are times where it’s rather frustrating as it dances a fine line between paper page and what could have been a weekly feature.  In most of these types of tales the author takes full adventure of the unlimited budget that comes with a comic but the scribe has seen fit to increase the scope in ways that complement the roots behind it, and trust me the results are quite appealing.

The art by Claudia Balboni is top-notch, as the illustrator brings these players to life by paying respect to their actors and allowing these interpretations to be their own monsters.  I found the background and set designs to be quite fitting as each pencil stroke seamlessly built the world of a divided country.  There are some off moments where the designs came off far too rigid but for the most part the work on display does just what it needs to do.

Jericho: Season 4 #4 is a really good release that keeps the franchise alive. Recommended.


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  • Kitty

    I have watched Jericho on the TV and read the comic books from the beginning….. I will be ecstatic when this show comes back to the TV screen or movie screen…. Long Live Jericho! =) ~Kitty