It Girl & The Atomics #5 Review

AOT 25.1

It Girl enters the end of it’s 1st story arc with the final battle with LaLa Wah-Wah, will she triumph over her crazed foe?

Here is the summary from Image:

It Girl has seen the true face of her enemy, and she’s confronting LaLa Wah-Wah on the villain’s own turf: inside the video game dimension! It’s a dangerous showdown, but with the Atomics rallying behind her, It Girl can’t lose. Concluding the first arc of Image’s newest hit series.

It Girl is sucked into the virtual world when LaLa Wah-Wah sucks her into “Dark Streets”, It Girl’s favorite video game, and the place where she first met her nemesis. LaLa is still angry that It Girl allowed her to die and be replaced by her good half (In case you didn’t read last issue of my review, Spoilers: LaLa is It Girl’s sister’s evil half). We get a final battle between the two sisters that’s ending is a bit lackluster and anti-climactic since it takes place inside a video game.

Jamie S. Rich still manages to write a nice story with good, funny, and somewhat witty dialogue between characters, with a nice bit of action, but the fight between LaLa and I.G. sort of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Like waiting on a WiiU for Christmas, but instead getting a regular Wii with the controller missing from the box. Although, the epilogue at the end of the story is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t help the book much.

Mike Norton continues to do good work for this title, still looking close to Allred’s style but giving a bit more realistic look to the characters, which is refreshing. The action scenes, though a bit stale at times, are still drawn really well, giving a nice energetic flow in places when needed, and that overall light hearted fun the book excels at.

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The first story arc of the series ends with more of a whimper than a bang, but it manages to wrap everything up well enough to still be an enjoyable story. I still recommend it.



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