Iron Man’s Secret Origin?!?

Most comic fans are wary when a publisher announces that they’ll be re-tooling or adding to an established character’s origin. For characters like Wolverine, it can just complicate things, or worse, lead to plot holes. But it seems that Iron Man might be getting that treatment!

Wait…he had an armor has a baby!?!

Yup, Marvel Comics is teasing the next big story arc for everyone’s favorite Armored Avenger, but understandably, some fans are worried. After all, Tony Stark’s origin story has already been stated many times, becoming one of the most iconic stories in Marvel. A spoiled billionaire who makes weapons gets kidnapped by terrorists who use said weapons. After building an armor to escape and defeat them, he vows to use his money and armor to protect the world. Simple.

But it seems, judging from the picture, that his first encounter with armor was actually years before that eventful day. Marvel hasn’t released any plot details yet, but for now, my theory is that Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark, was building his own armor for some unknown reason. But, of course, it is just a theory.

Aren’t baby Iron Men cute?

This arc will apparently begin in May, which is of course the month when Iron Man 3 is released in theaters. The story will be written by Kieron Gillen (Generation Hope) and the art will be handled by Dale Eaglesham (Justice Society of America).

Source: CBM