The Illegitimates #3 Review

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Will The Illegitimates learn to become spies? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

The Illegitimates strike out on their first mission as a team! Dannikor’s plan revealed! Mom’s in peril! And, WHO is the mole in the OLYMPUS organization? Spy-jinks galore as things get messy!

The Illegitimates #3This series has improved massively with this issue, turning the series into the explosive and dramatic series it promised to be. It also continues to build on the connection that these illegitimate children have, showing that even though they’ve spent little time together that they’re starting to get along.

Taran Killam and Marc Andreyko did a fabulous job with the script for this issue, as although there’s still room for improvement, they’ve certainly improved on the last issue. The duo start the issue in a spy like fashion, making it feel friendly to new readers, whilst also giving an intense opening for people who’ve already been reading the series. In saying that I enjoyed the follow-up to this more, with the sudden realisation of what was really happening along with the interaction between the Illegitimates and the General adding a lot of drama and entertainment to the issue. Added to that the much needed espionage feel along with the clumsy development of the Illegitimates skills and this is looking to be a very interesting series.

Kevin Sharpe did a brilliant job of the art in this issue, with the detail being very consistent throughout. His layouts also impressed me more in this issue, as although they were still nothing too special, they added a bit more excitement to the issue, with it having a punchy feel at times. The best thing about Sharpe’s art in this issue however had to be the way that he set the tempo, with his handling of the scenery and situation being astonishing, helping to show Killam and Andreyko’s story perfectly. Peter Pantazis also did a fantastic job of the colours, adding a brilliant finish and overtone to Sharpe’s pencils.

The Illegitimates is starting to turn into a intriguing and entertaining series, and if it continues this way then I for one won’t want to miss an issue. Highly recommended.



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