The Illegitimates #2 Review


What does a criminal, a cage fighter, a street racer, a government agent and a man that works in a animal sanctuary all have in common? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

The Illegitimates are assembled and identities revealed as Dannikor’s world-changing plot kicks into gear! Can these kids process their newly revealed parentage and, more importantly, get along long enough to embrace their legacies and save the planet from a zombified doom? And, hey, what about the Illegitimates’ moms…?

The Illegitimates #2Having missed the first issue in this series I was ever so slightly confused at it’s start, with it feeling ever so slightly random. Things were however cleared up soon enough with both the backstory being brought up to date and the reason for the randomness being apparent.

Series creator Taran Killam along with Marc Andreyko did a great job with this issue, as despite the confusing start it would soon become an extremely interesting issue. Killam and Andreyko also did a great job of developing the characters in this issue, taking them out of their ordinary lives and putting them into the spy world. It was however the uniqueness of each character that interested me the most, with their connection also being very intriguing, even if a bit obvious. The story also took a few more interesting twists throughout and if it continues like this it could easily become a great series.

The artwork from Kevin Sharpe was also terrific, being very consistent throughout. Sharpe added a lot of emotion to this issue through the characters facial expressions, with them being very impactful at times. I was however not overly impressed with the layout of this issue, as despite helping it flowing smoothly there was nothing that made it stand out. The action however was handled very well being very exciting and intense.

This was a good issue, but despite the limited action and brilliant character development there wasn’t a lot that thrilled me. It was however still a fantastic read and if it builds strongly from the developments in this issue it could easily become a terrific series. Recommended.



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