This Huge Amazing/Superior Spidey Spoiler Just Broke My Spider-Sense

Huge probable SPOILER ALERT!  Earlier today, Marvel dropped two new promo images/variant covers hyping their next mega-crossover, Original Sin.  One image was Captain America.  The other was Spidey.  Of course, I figured it was Peter Parker Spidey, since Pete is set to come back for his new Amazing Spider-Man series, but closely read Marvel’s entire write-up:

original sin

Who killed The Watcher? That’s the question will fuel ORIGINAL SIN, the cosmic murder mystery and summer mega event kicking off in May from writer Jason Aaron and artist Mike Deodato!

Regardless of the guilty party, they now have in their original sin peter parker doc ockpossession Uatu’s eye, and with it all the dirty little secrets that have been kept in the Marvel Universe for all-time. With that amount of power on the table, everybody’s a suspect!

Could even the virtuous Captain America have been seduced by the promise of all-encompassing knowledge? Does Otto Octavius have enough of a hold on Spider-Man that he could have committed the deadly deed? Artists Steve McNiven and Mike McKone ask those very questions in the teasers below which will also serve as upcoming variant covers on ORIGINAL SIN!

K, in case you missed it, read this part again:

Does Otto Octavius have enough of a hold on Spider-Man that he could have committed the deadly deed?

In case you somehow did not vomit in your mouth yet, let me repeat it once more:

Blah blah, OTTO OCTAVIUS IS STILL IN PETER’S HEAD, blah blah blah blah blah.

Nooooooooo!  I want Octavius completely out of Pete’s skull, dagnabit! I know there are a lot of Sp-Ock fans, but I am not one of them.  I understand sales are up and a lot of people are loving the shock value of each issue, as well as Slott’s publicity stunts, but I have not purchased one Spider-Man comic since Slott took over.  Even with Peter coming back, I didn’t put Amazing Spidey on my pull list because I don’t trust Slott.  Of course I am just a bitter fanboy who likes to complain, but I refuse to stop complaining.  HEAR MY WHINE!

peter parker crying


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