Homecoming #2 Review

Is there an alien infestation in Hillcrest?  If there is, can anyone do anything about it?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Nobody ever said being a teenager was easy…

After the dramatic events of the thrilling debut issue, the kids try to return to their normal lives but the changes to their bodies are making things difficult to say the least. Meanwhile, Hunter and Jay Anne agree to try to go on a date, but when she loses control of her newfound abilities in public, things quickly get out of hand. Paul returns to his family but has difficulty keeping his “changes” from his parents. And Celeste experiences some disturbing memories about her mother, that could become a dark foreshadow of events to come!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to High School…Aspen Comics proudly presents an all-new series created by Michael Turner, Scott Lobdell and David Wohl. HOMECOMING!

A comic book created by the late great Michael Turner and written by David Wohl is easily a recipe that will create a stellar series, and so far Homecoming is just that.  We have high school drama mixed with an atmosphere encompassed by an overbearing feeling of dread perpetuated by the appearance of apparent Aliens in this small town.

David Wohl hits the script out of the park as he attacks this zany tale head-on.  The series writer offers up some strong dialogue and narration that near perfectly allows the plot to move forward while developing the various main characters.  Specifically, the work done in this issue toward Jay Anne is top notch as a this spunky young woman is thrust into a world that she just doesn’t understand while she attempt to maintain her teenage grip on her humanity.  In the end she’s an excellent perspective to follow as the audience enters this world through her unique eyes.

Emilio Laiso does a very good job on the art.  The characters, the backgrounds, the world in general has an authentic feel that most artists struggle to establish in their own ongoing works.  The sturdy lines and splendor but light details inform the narrative in a way that perfectly suits the script while yielding some very visceral moments.

Homecoming #2 is an excellent second issue that’s certainly well worth your time.  Highly recommended.


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