Holy Crossovers! Adam West BATMAN Meets GREEN HORNET!

DC has had some unique cross-overs in the past, but this may just take the cake. DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment are teaming up to publish a Batman/Green Hornet cross-over mini-series. This wouldn’t be that weird…but the Batman being used is the Adam West Batman from the campy 60s live-action series!

The series, titled Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet, will be a digital 12-issue mini-series, starting on May 21. The series will be co-written by Kevin Smith (Clerks) and Ralpha Garman (a radio host, and self-described fan of the 60s Batman show), with art by Ty Templeton, and covers by the legendary, award-winning Alex Ross (Kingdom Come).


This actually isn’t the first time that Adam West Batman and Green Hornet have met, but the first time was in live-action. Interestingly, the comic is said to take place in the same continuity as the afore-mentioned meeting. The plot involves both duos (Batman & Robin, Hornet & Kato) reluctantly teaming up to take down General Gumm.

I’m pretty sure this will do well. DC has really been pushing the 60s Batman show recently. They’ve been publishing a comic series based off the series, and recently announced a DVD collection. Green Hornet has been a main-stay at Dynamite for years, even if the recent Hollywood film didn’t do any favors.

So…think you’ll buy/download this, or will you stick with the solo adventures?


Source: ComicVine

Source: ComicVine