Hoax Hunters #3 Review



Hoax Hunters had a very average start. It wasn’t bad, but judging from that it wouldn’t last very long. Then the second issue came along and things got better. This is the type of series where it gets better as it goes along. Things are heating up with the latest installment. Not only has the series improved tremendously, it has risen up to a grade A title. This issue has it all, fun characters, a now established plot, an antagonist, and most of all, a cool-looking monster. If you haven’t been reading this series, now’s the time to do so.

Here’s the official description from Image:

The carnival proved to be more dangerous than even the Hoax Hunters anticipated, and now they must battle Clive’s relentless forces to stay alive. Also, Jack digs further into his father’s mysterious past and is shocked by what he uncovers.

You know in the last issue where it had flaming skull people? In this comic Jack actually states ‘Ghost Rider wannabes,’ which I thought was pretty awesome. (Don’t think that’s the only other-media reference, we have a He-Man action figure in there too.) In my review of issue #1 I stated that the characters weren’t really that engaging. They improved a little bit in the second issue, but still weren’t the most exciting people. That changes in this issue. The main cast, Jack, Regan, Murder, (especially that guy) are all proving to be a fun team for us to root for. Now the main thing here is that the actual plot is being established. We have an antagonist that apparently has ties to Jack’s father, and an intriguing universe-warping backdrop that’s something straight out of a comic book. (Unintentional joke.)

Art wise, it’s pretty good. Whether or not Jack is meant to look like Luke Cage is up to you, but the monster looks fantastic. Also, I really love the cover, it’s brutal and great detail is put in. What I like about this comic it is that it’s light-toned, but can be pretty dark at the same time. The writing is getting better as the story and characters are improving.

Overall, the latest issue of Hoax Hunters is a real winner. Everything I complained about previously has been improved. Story, characters, excitement, it’s good stuff. This is now a series I look forward to reading every month.


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