HIT! #1 Review

Small town town hit, big time trouble.

The official description from Gentleman Baby Comics:

An Irish mobster. His vicious boss. And a couple ‘O bad dudes who are about to have an even worse night.

Our story begins in Arkansas, where Connor Connolly is dispatched by Patrick to kill two targets living in an inconspicuous suburban neighborhood. Connor is given an address and an address alone; no names, no descriptions, nothing. But being the loyal and ruthless soldier he is, Connor does as he is told. That is, until he discovers the targets he was sent to kill are a part of his past that he thought he had long since abandoned. Now Connor must find a way to deal with a life that he thought he escaped and figure out who he can trust in a business where your best friend wouldn’t think twice about putting a bullet in your head.

HIT! is what I consider an actual “indie comic”. It has not been printed in mass quantity by Image or Dark Horse. It has come directly from its creators, funded by Kickstarter backers, and lives on through good ole’ indie spirit. I believe Craig Schroeder (writer) has done right by this process, turning his dream into a reality.

The writing is solid. It is a classic mob hit story, with a classic plot twist. While some of what unfolds is expected, there are a few “oh crap!” moments that will keep you reading. The issue ends on a pretty intense cliffhanger, but it is a decent enough stand-alone story unto itself.

Daniel Hooker (artist) does a pretty good job with the art. In fact, it was the art that grabbed my attention when I first saw the Kickstarter project in my feed. More specifically, the “wolf and pig” sample panel – there is just something hauntingly compelling about those images…

The overall panel layout and lettering is pretty decent as well. Many indie books sacrifice design to get the story out, but the creators of HIT! appear to have taken the extra time necessary to get things right the first time.

If you would like more information about this truly “indie comic”, please be sure to visit the following related sites: HIT! Kickstarter Page, Gentleman Baby Comics Facebook Page, Gentleman Baby Comics Twitter (@Gentleman_Baby), and the Gentleman Baby Comics Official Website


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