Haunted Horror #15 Review


What happens when the dead come back to life? What happens when comics get banned for being too horrific? Well, you will have to check out this latest issue of Haunted Horror or just read the review. Read on to find out more.

Beware! The dead are walking again! Under this terrifying Bernard Baily cover you’ll find a crypt-full of never reprinted Pre-Code classic horror comics by brilliant artists!
The comics the U.S. Senate, Dr. Fredric Wertham, and your mom didn’t want you to see! You’ll discover grisly, gory, gruesome art and shocking stories in these banned comic–all lovingly restored!

This series has been a wonderful one because we get a look at the comics that have been banned HH-15-pr-7-73086for being too much and brought back to life. These comics are fantastic and creepy but, also, a lot of fun. There are a couple that are a little over the top but  there are some that really just fantastic. I have to say that you should read this comic book just for the comic about the man who’s dreams are brought to life. It is is a lot of fun but it does a great job of being quick and to the point to the comic. You will have to really check these ones out and see for yourself.

The writing and art are from various writers and artists that each have their own style and voice. The style is, obviously, has that old timey feel but it is still gorgeous to look at.  I will say that the writers may have been a head of their time with the stories that they are trying to convey. They are really interesting and seem to have the idea of what horror would be come already laid out. It’s really cool.

Haunted Horror #15 is a fantastic revival of would be forgotten comics.

+The horror is fantastic +Plot driven fun +Visually great to look at +A great look into the past

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