Hack/Slash #25 Review

All roads have been leading to this point but does this conclusion deliver something that sends the title out in the proper way?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“FINAL,” Conclusion
Cassie battles Samhain to the death.

Q: Who will survive and what will be left of them?
A: Not everyone, and very small bits.

The blood spattered, panty-flashing saga of HACK/SLASH comes to an end in this epic issue!

When it comes to wrapping up an ongoing narrative there are many tricky pitfalls that can derail any competent creative team.  Thankfully this dynamic duo steers clear of them as they embrace their conclusion in a way that will not only leave eager fanboys and fangirls satisfied but one that will yield a great issue in its own right.

Tim Seeley once again delivers a script that’s fits how this specific arc needed to conclude.  There are some very emotional moments that should hit the audience right in the core as the comic wastes no time reminding everyone that this is indeed the end and anything can happen.  From the first page to final panel the scribe does an exceptional job writing his characters but there were a few moments that felt a bit underwhelming or even unnecessary, but thankfully these instances were few and far between.

The art by Elena Casagrande once again creates a beautiful treat that’s absolutely up to the level of skill that the tale requires.  Whether she’s illustrating an all-out brawl or the police discovering the aftermath of this event her pencil strokes easily evoke that right level of precision and skill in these dire final moments.  There were a few times where forms seemed to be a bit too distorted but these select panels did little to detract from the overall experience.

Hack/Slash #25 is an emotionally charged release that sees the end of this saga as the survivors embrace their futures beyond the violence and chaos that they’ve had to endure since the launch of this title.  It’s not perfect but this is the conclusion that needed to be.  Recommended.


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