Hack/Slash #23 Review

War is about to rage, but at this point should you even muster the gumption to care who wins?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“FINAL,” Part Four

The all Final Girl team has to take to the highhway to stop Black Lamp Soceity.   If they don’t, the insidious cult will poison an entire shipment of orange cola and turn a legion of Ig’Nant Mime Squad fans into slashers!

The saga of Cassie Hack has been one that’s simply found a unique balance between idiosyncratic tendencies and story telling prowess. During it’s run this has more than worked for the series as a whole and this latest issue is no different.  So if you’ve read up to this point and you already adore the franchise than I really don’t need to say anything more… go out and buy this book, trust me you won’t regret it.

Comic scribe Tim Seeley continues to lead this march toward what is looking to be a very epic conclusion.  What we have here is an in-between tale, featuring our beleaguered heroes making final preparations for their mammoth offensive.  They’re calling friends, talking with each other, offering sarcastic remarks all the way through that essential moment when lives are literally on the line.  In short, this is Hack/Slash at its best. because from beginning to end this narrative is fun, depressing, zany but nonetheless quirky as it offers an adventure that’s more than worth your money and time.

The art by Elena Casagrande continues to impress as each proverbial pencil strokes offers a gentle but passionate touch that seamlessly inhabits this world of slashers.  From the background work to the individual visualizations of the characters, everything is spot on.  That said there were a few instances where the quality drifted a bit off target but trust me overall this package is a prime example as to why this talent was picked to handle this romp in the first place.

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Hack/Slash #23 is yet another good comic book release that adds in some great art to help justifiably earn itself a surefire recommendation.


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