Hack/Slash #22 Review

After suffering some terrible loses can our heroes muster the gumption to rally themselves in order to stop this upcoming reign of terror?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“FINAL ,” Part Three

Cassie and Vlad have lost old friends to the unified slashers attack. Now, they have to gather an army to stop Samhain and his Black Lamp Society…an army of FINAL GIRLS!

This latest arc charges forward as it rushes beyond the losses and boldly charts an intersection that’s more than likely due to happen in next month’s thrilling outing.  What we get from this piece is more or less a stop-gap where our protagonist and her friends try to rally themselves and figure out just what exactly is going on.  From that process some solid interactions reveal some minor revelations as this title enters some uncharted territory.

The script by Tim Seeley is abundantly sound, as he takes the time to really work on the character aspects of this tale.  Yes there’s no simple one and done monster fight here, instead we get some rather refreshing downtime that works the story beats to properly set-up what is sure to be a mammoth clash.  Perhaps the most important aspect inherent to this romp is the fact that the author goes out of his way to push Cassie Hack and her cohorts as we revel in the dire straits these leads now find thermselves to be stuck with.  In the end what we get is a good but somewhat slow read that does more than enough to set-up Hack/Slash #23.

Elena Casagrande continues to lend her pencil to this world of survivors, slashers and all the monsters in between.  Her quirky design sense yields an absoltuely engaging body of work, that should be more than enough to excite dedicated fans.  Despite this being a rather slow narrative the panel and overall scene placement is handled in a way that simply does wonders for this jaunt as a whole.

Hack/Slash #22 is another good issue that ends on a high note that happens to be a compelling cliffhanger.  Recommended.


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