Hack/Slash #20 Review

Will the revelations in this latest issue really rock this series moving forward, or is it just an over-hyped release?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“FINAL,” Part One

The beginning of the end! Brand new regular artist ELENA CASAGRANDE (Angel, Hulk)! Cat Curio brings grim news! Cassie and Vlad fight! And Samhain prepares for an all out war, with slashers as his undying soldiers.

There’s a gathering storm on the horizon as villains unite and our heroes enter a rather dark place.  The partnership between Vlad and Cassie Hack has had its share of ups and downs and right now the duo is at a crossroads.  Are they friends?  Soon to be lovers?  Or a couple of monsters that just deserve each other?  I honestly don’t know where I’d put them but I’m certain that after this issue they’re going to need to be back-to-back in order to face down the threats ahead.

Tim Seeley returns to the series he created with an emotional piece that finds our protagonist in some truly dire straits.  Cassie Hack stumbles upon a gut-wrenching discovery regarding herself that very nearly ends her life, the result is more character development and a further solidification of the bond between her and Vlad.  In short the author hits the script out of the park with a rousing story full of emotional pathos and just enough solid pacing to make it more than worthwhile.

The new series artist, Elena Casagrande, steps in and the character work is simply exceptional.  The emotions on display, the angles used and the distinct panel decisions all work in unison to inform the script in an effort to elevate the human elements of the tale.  The end result is a striking visual style that had some stumbles here and there when her unique sense of design lead to some off-putting deformities on our principal cast members.

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Hack/Slash #20 is an engaging piece that dips its toe into some rather deep waters.  Recommended.


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