Grimm Universe #2 Review

Is the second release from this new series worth the price of admission?  Read on to find out

The official description from Zenescope:

Britney Waters, aka Red, has returned to the city after the events of Myths and Legends Volume one.  Intent on moving on with her life she’ll soon find that is easier said than done.  When she crosses the path of a vicious serial killer she decides to use her unique skills to attempt to track down the killer down.  But what she finds might be something that even her and her incredible powers are unprepared for.

From start to finish this outing is a compelling treat that dives into the depths of terror as it relates to the exploration of the literal beast within.  This comic book does a solid job delivering a compelling narrative that will simply glue fans to their seats, and if you’ve never read a tale set within the confines of the Grimm Universe before here’s a good place to start.

Pat Shand delivers a very competent script that succeeds on almost every conceivable front.  From the character work to the horrifying actions they take he absolutely nails each necessary plot point with the right amount of dialogue and necessary build up.  His work on Red specifically was fun to read when she came face to face with something she knew all too well.  It was within that moment that the author chose to throw one useful nugget of information at the audience followed by another all the way through the fitting climax.

The art by Claudio Avella perfectly suits the story as it successfully gives life to the written word.  Employing thick and thin pencil strokes via a well structured form, this talent effortlessly emulates the established look of this shared universe while leaving his own mark inherently within the proceedings.  There were a couple panels where details fell a bit but that was few and far between.

Grimm Universe #2 is another excellent comic book from Zenescope Entertainment, that asks the right questions while detailing a journey of this burdened protagonist.  Recommended.


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