Do we need yet another prequel relating to a mad realm and a tormented family? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The series that every wonderland fan has been waiting for is here!  Of all the evil and sinister beings who have occupied the terrifying realm of Wonderland none have instilled fear in all they meet as much as one particular hat wearing villain.  The boy turned man who nearly ended the world as we know it is back.  The most diabolical villain in the history of wonderland returns.  The story of Johnny Liddle’s transformation into the sinister Mad Hatter will finally be told and his origin may very well drive you absolutely mad.

Once you crack open this comic book, a unique descent into crazy begins.  To put it simply, the creative team has focused in on a character destined to be a monster and the results are good.

Pat Shand and Raven Gregory pen the script and the dynamic duo does a tremendous job getting readers caught up on the story revolving around Alice Liddle’s son.  There’s a lot to adore here, but the first thing people are bound to notice is the sharp pacing. These scribes waste no time getting readers caught up while sending us all down a rabbit hole.  The dialogue is just as defined, as both authors allow Johnny to be a sympathetic character while also showing the evil that’s bound to erupt.  In short: like the last mini-series this one’s off to a glorious start.

The art by Alessandro Miracolo is chaotic.  There’s a certain level of terror and beauty as the illustrator strikes a balance between what can or should not be controlled.  From the Jabberwocky to a giant snake spider the renditions found within the confines of these pages match the quality of the script.  Save for a few moments where I felt the lack of background details detracted from the overall work, the bulk of what’s on display is engaging.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass #1 is superb as it comes highly recommended.


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