Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland #6 Review

The ripple effects from Wonderland continue to spill onto Earth, but should you honestly care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The relationship between Calie and Violet continues to deteriorate as they flee to New York City hoping to evade the never-ending reach of Wonderland. But they find themselves falling into the clutches of something much worse than they imagined. Something has escaped from the realm of madness and it is intent on making the big city its own.

From the same minds behind the smash-hit Wonderland trilogy and the Grimm Fairy Tales series, the ongoing comic book series you’ve been wanting is here!

This is a tale that’s full of both insanity and depravity that seems to be just primed to tackle some rather complex narrative issues.  And as the creative team works in a fitting unison to accomplish yet another extension of this corner of the Grimm Fairy Tales universe one can’t help put hope for some more shocking moments in the coming months.

Raven Gregory pens the script and the series writer does a superb job giving voice to the protagonists while balancing the divergent plot threads across two different worlds.  From the steady loss of ones reality to searching for that final faint glimmer of hope, the amount of depth and sturdiness offered here is honestly quite impressive.  If I had to levee one complaint, I’d have to say that I wish this particular release would have had a bit more length to it so this part of the saga would have had a stronger cliffhanger finish.

Gerard Conte and Sheldon Goh do a splendid job on the art.  Both offer up some stellar interpretations of the characters and the worlds they inhabit while highlighting the strong attributes that have made this continuing narrative a must follow series in its own right.  There are some minor moments where the balance of detail can feel somewhat lacking but overall the work on display will please fans.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland #6 is a riveting read that’s chock-full of the type of insanity one would expect from this property.  Recommended.


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