Grimm Fairy Tales presents Werewolves: The Hunger #3 Review

The mini-series draws to a close, but not before it takes its pound of flesh but should you care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Roman journeys into the HiboCorp facility in search of the escaped werewolf, but what he finds inside may prove that humans are capable of things as monstrous as the creatures that thrive in the night. Does Roman have what it takes to put an end to the atrocities going on behind closed doors, or will he succumb to the darkness of humanity? When the sky darkens and the moon rises… there will be blood. Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to Werewolves: The Hunger!

A painful conclusion that anyone could have seen coming a mile away still has enough charm to win this reviewer over.  Much of that is due to the care and gumption of the creative team, who sees fit to inject just enough humanity into this bizarre tale to make it more than understandable.

The script by Mark L. Miller finishes off this romp in the way it was always going to end.  There’s no real imagination to the plot development here but it’s the dialogue penned by the seasoned author that makes it more than acceptable.  I’ll gladly sing praises about the control and execution for every conversation within these pages but I also have to admit that I was rather underwhelmed by the ultimate conclusion.

JG Miranda and Elmer V. Cantada both do an excellent job nailing some tricky visuals in the twilight hours of this yarn.  Whether the duo was attempting to realize a battle in a lab or a hunter stalking worthy prey there was simply enough substance to garner attention.  I did find some of the visualizations to be a bit underwhelming but these instances did little to sully the entire body of work.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Werewolves: The Hunger #3 is a very good comic that despite a more or less predetermined narrative path has a creative team that finds a way to keep it interesting all the way toward its finish.  Recommended.


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