Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Jungle Book: Last of the Species #2 Review

Mowglii likes a player on the streets and a Chimpanzee in the sheets.

The official description from Zenescope:

Tusk and claw collide as the elephants and tigers have an all out battle in the heart of the jungle, with Dewan of the Apes and Bomani of the Tiger Clan fighting for more personal matters amidst the carnage. Meanwhile, Mowglii discovers that deep beneath the jungle is a whole new world to explore…and fear! More sharp-clawed jungle action from writer Mark L. Miller and artist Riccardo Baghera!

This second issue is stunning and fun to read. If you are looking for something quick with a childhood throw back, this is your comic.

The author for this series is Mark L. Miller. While his writing is minimal, it’s effective. The sounds, the growls, and the realistic dialogue all come together to bring this story to life. I particularly appreciate the emotive conversations held by the characters that go deep without being over dramatic. The reader steps in, takes a look around, and gets out. Quick,  painless, and entertaining. Each character is easily defined by voice alone and harks back to the story we all know and love.

Art for this piece is done by Jorge Mercado and is perfectly lovely. I could easily flip through the pages and just gaze upon the panels. It’s effective in the fight scenes, in the bloody wreckage, and in the brief romantic moments. It keeps the comic’s roots genuine with a storybook sketch look. The layout of the panels is often kept “widescreen,” in that each page is broken down vertically and each panel takes up the width of the page. Very El Greco and, more importantly, simple. Mercado does move the paneling about and layer it upon itself when necessary and does so in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Jungle Book: Last of the Species #2 gets a raving four stars from this reviewer. It’s fun, dark, and tears at my heart strings.