Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Realm Knights #1 Review


The Realm Knights! Featuring a bunch of Zenescope’s coolest characters, we have a new four-part series starring the team. Is it as awesome as it sounds? You bet your scythe it is.

Here’s the official description from Zenescope:

BRAND NEW SERIES! This August, ROBYN HOOD and UNLEASHED writer Pat Shand kicks off the all-new team book that unites all the fan favorite characters from the Grimm Universe! Sela. Robyn Hood. Red Riding Hood. Captain Hook. Jack the Giant Killer. Van Helsing. On their own, they are some of the most powerful beings in the Grimm Universe… but together, they are the REALM KNIGHTS. Brought together to stop an ancient evil from regaining his all-powerful weapons, can these conflicted warriors work out their own issues in time to save the world?¬†

With a title like ‘Realm Knights,’ you know you’re in for something interesting. These Knights are composed of similar, yet very different characters. Robyn Hood, Agent Hook, Agent Red (Riding Hood), Liesel Van Helsing, and Agent Snow make up the team. At its core it’s a crossover story, with a pretty big greek mythology backdrop. It reminds me of the days when crossovers were unique and exciting until it became so common that it lost its mystique. This is a must buy for readers of Zenescope comics, and even for newcomers looking for a fun story.

Patrick Shand handles the writing. He’s done a good majority of these Zenescope titles, so the dialogue is pretty good. From Robyn’s sarcastic humor, (look for the James Bond reference) to Red’s seriousness, the characters are all diverse and a blast to read. Kronos, the Titan lord, is the antagonist. The opening ¬†flashback to the big Titan War between him and Zeus/Poseidon/Hades was fantastic. This being the opening issue, it spends its time getting the heroes together. It’s not slow however, and by the end everyone’s ready to go on their mission.

Butch Mapa’s art is typical Zenescope fare. It’s bright and the action comes alive. The main cover features the team with the government eagle in the background, pretty solid. Cover B features Kronos. Not bad, but I don’t think anyone would pick it since it doesn’t feature the title characters. Cover C I don’t particularly like. And finally, Cover D is a bright one featuring the team in action poses. It might just be the fan favorite of the bunch.

Overall, Realm Knights is off to a pretty fun start. Sadly it’s just four issues, but oh well. The characters are great and the interactions between them is worth the price of admission alone. With a pretty cool premise for the next issue, you can bet this is going to be one of the company’s best mini-series.


Daniel’s favorite of the Realm Knights is Robyn and you can follow him on Twitter:@Destroyer_199

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