Grimm Fairy Tales presents Demons: Unseen #1 Review

Is the latest mini-series anywhere near up to par with the rest of this epic event? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The darkest corner of the Grimm Universe is revealed in this brand new UNLEASHED mini-series! When demonic spirits begin possessing innocent people with disturbing frequency, the mysterious Japanese warrior, Masumi, must find a way to banish the evil forces without harming the hosts. However, as she journeys deeper into the heart of evil, Masumi notices a dark pattern to the demonic activity that threatens to swallow her whole.

In what can easily be described as a most intriguing spin-off, this latest little jaunt wastes no time getting the protagonist and her audience directly into the fray.  The results are quite compelling as this creative team does more than enough to make this yarn a welcome addition to the horrors brought forth by the Being.

The script by scribe Pat Shand is absolutely juicy as this latest heroine braves some downright terrors sent straight from the mouths of fire and torment.  The author takes care to develop her just enough so that we see the cost of decisions she’s made while witnessing the full weight of her lifestyle.  There were a couple moments where I felt certain aspects were a tad bit underdeveloped but trust me as pilot issues go this specific tale still stands fairly tall in its own right as it embraces a very dark narrative with just a glimmer of light.

The art by both Jason Johnson and Eduardo Garcia fits the realm of the saga quite well but the transition between the two came off rather rocky.  On one hand you have chaotic but stylized renditions oppose to some smooth panel work that just didn’t flow into each other all that well.  That being said both talents brought more than enough to the table to make the wide birth of this adventure somewhat accessible.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Demons: Unseen #1 is engaging despite some flaws.  To be honest it has a lot to offer and for that it earns a recommendation.


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